Turnaround, Shipping + T&C's

Turn around times

Turn around times vary depending upon or work loads and complexity of your order. Our process is usually between 4-6 weeks, not including postage times.


We mainly use AustraliaPost but can use other couriers from time to time depending on your order.

Once the order is in the couriers hands, any damage or lost items are not our responsibility, it is then the responsibility of the courier and customer.

If you wish to find out how long postage times are please get in touch with us here.

Draft Confirmation

Normally with in 2-3 weeks of placing your order you will receive a draft of your design. It’s is at this point we can make design changes but must stress that once it has been approved, changes can not be made. All spelling and design errors need to be checked at this point to avoid further issues, so please take the time needed to ensure all is correct.If there is an error in the design that you have approved, you will try work out a solution that doesn't involve full payment of another neon. But sometimes this may be the case. 

Please note, the sizing in the draft is from the outside of the backing and not the LED lighting.

Terms and Conditions

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