Turnaround, Shipping + T&C's

Turn around times

The estimated turnaround times are contingent upon the prevailing workload and intricacy of the order in question. Typically, our operational timeline spans a range of 4 to 6 weeks, exclusive of any postal transit durations.


Our predominant shipping partner is AustraliaPost; however, we maintain the flexibility to engage alternative courier services as necessitated by the nature of the order.

Upon the successful handover of the order to the designated courier, it is important to note that any instances of damage or loss shall no longer fall within our purview of responsibility. Subsequently, the accountability for such occurrences becomes a shared obligation between the courier and the respective customer.

For accurate insights into the projected duration of postal transit, we invite you to initiate contact with us. Your proactive engagement allows us to provide you with the most pertinent information regarding postage timelines.

If you wish to find out how long postage times are please get in touch with us here.

Draft Confirmation

Typically, within 2-3 weeks from the placement of your order, you can anticipate receiving a draft of your designated design. During this phase, adjustments to the design are feasible; however, it's crucial to note that once your approval is granted, modifications cannot be accommodated. It's advised to meticulously review the draft for any spelling or design errors to pre-empt subsequent complications. We urge you to allocate the necessary time to ensure accuracy.

In cases where we've presented a draft for your formal endorsement, and in the event that no communication is received from your end within 7 days, our team might proactively advance with the manufacturing process. It's imperative to underscore that this stride will be executed exclusively under the premise that the draft impeccably aligns with the exact specifications of your designated logo. This protocol safeguards the intrinsic value of your insights and the integrity of your brand's identity throughout the decision-making trajectory.

Please note, the sizing in the draft is from the outside of the backing and not the LED lighting.

Terms and Conditions 

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