About us | Remember Neons

Welcome to Remember Neons, a family owned and run business based in Ballarat, Victoria.
Remember Neons is owned and run by Pete and assisted by his two young daughters who try helping where they can.
Pete started out making wall names for family and friends many years ago.
When he saw how much people loved receiving the personalised gifts, they realised that they wanted to start making gifts for everyone, and opened E and I Custom Designs three and a half years ago.
After many years of making Led Neon signs, Pete decided to pursue this 100% and leave behind the laser cutting. 

Along came Remember Neons. 
By choosing Remember Neons to make your personalised Led Neons, you are partnering with a family that is dedicated to bringing your unique design to life.
Is there something that you would like made that you can't find anywhere? Pete would love to help you design and produce your items, so feel free to contact him with your ideas.